Dr Mohammad Reza Almassi

ENT Specialist and Sergeon

Best ENT Sergeon in Iran

About Me

Dr Mohammad Reza Almassi
  • 1991University of Pécs, Hungry

    Doctor of Medicine (MD)

  • 1998Tehran University of Medical Science

    Board Certification in Otolaryngology (ENT) , Head and Neck Surgery

  • 200311th International Congress of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery

    Presentation in Removal of orbital foreign body through endoscopic sinus surgery

  • 200413th Iranian Congress of Ophthalmology

    Presentation in Endoscopic removal of orbital foreign body

  • so farToday

    More than 1000 Successful Surgery


My Specializations

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Ear Treatments

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Nose Job in asia

Nose Treatments

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Throat Treatments

Throat Treatments

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Neck Treatments

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Restorative Rhinoplasty

Restorative Rhinoplasty

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Head Treatments

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more than 1000 patient through the last 30 years from all over the world were satisfied with my medical treatments .


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